Whale Watching

Between August and November, you can stop almost anywhere on the 12 km-long cliff path, stretching from one end of Hermanus to the other, to watch the enormous Southern Right Whales. When you see them leap, roll about and slap their tails as close as a few meters from the cliffs, you will understand why Hermanus is known to offer the best land-based whale watching in the world.

You can also observe these giant creatures at sea onboard specialised whale watching boats or – if you dare – by sea kayaks. Another fantastic whale viewing experience, is from the air via a scenic flight.

The first whales start arriving already in June, leaving their feeding grounds in the Antarctic. In the sheltered Walker Bay, they then give birth to their young and mate before they start leaving again – the last ones in December. At the height of the season, the number of whales in the bay are around 150.

In the city of Hermanus, you will also find the world’s only whale crier. He patrols the seafront and by blowing his kelp horn he alerts everyone to the whereabouts of the whales.

In the end of September/beginning of October every year, Hermanus Whale Festival takes place. Thousands of visitors come to celebrate the return of the whales in spring time. But also to revel in music, enjoy great food & wine and take part in the many activities available.

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